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We offer the best electric motor rewind in town with over 50 years of experience.

In 1989, J & J Quality Compressor, Inc. Was established by Joe Reus and Jose Ogando. Both Joe and Jose met while they were both employed by a much larger company where each obtained over 20 years of experience in the industry.. Although they felt that the quality of work they were expected to produce in this other company was good, they felt the level of costumer service and the quality of services rendered could be improved upon. Therefore, after much discussion, planning and execution they opened their own company and made it their objective to offer the quality of service they felt was necessary in todays competitive market. Unfortunately, a few years after opening their doors, Jose developed health issues which would prevent him from the physical aspects of performing the job and eventually sold his half of the business to its now sole proprietor, Joe Reus. Since then, J & J Quality Compressor, Inc. Has been proudly a family owned and operated establishment and Joe now works alongside both his sons Alex and Angel Reus

Why Choose Us!​

J & J Quality Compressor, Inc's dedication and loyalty to its customers is what keeps the phones ringing and the compressors coming.

Upfront Pricing

Any concerns on behalf of the customers are handled promptly and we do our very best to make sure your experience is 100% satisfactory. We know the business inside and out and we welcome you to give us a call with any questions, comment or concerns you may have.

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We may not be the biggest company out there, or even one of the flashiest, but we are confident that we are one of the few that look out for their customer's best interest. We work diligently and actually take pride in the work we do.

Qualified Experts

When you call J & J Quality Compressor you can feel free to ask to speak to either Joe or Alex. We understand that speaking directly with the customer gives them a sense of trust that many other companies lack.

What We Offer

We offer the best electric motor Rewind in town with over 50 years of experience. We guarantee the best job.

Semi-Hermetic Compressor Rebuild
Here at J & J Quality Compressor we remanufacture all major brands: Copeland, Carrier, Bitzer, Starcool to name some. Call us if you have any questions.
Brushless self regulated generator
MAIN, EXCITER AND STATOR Armature, Interpoles and Field Coils Rewind Transformer and Rotor Rewind
Electric Motor Rewind
At J & J Quality Compressor, we offer the best Electric Motor Rewind in town with over 50 years of experience.